Student Life
Social Service

Requirements and Procedures

How to get started on the STA Social Service Requirement

1. Students must complete at least 60 hours of person to person social service before they begin the senior year.

2. The school encourages students to undertake a service project that deepens awareness of themselves and others. Therefore, the project must engage the student in direct contact with people or a community being served. The STA social service guidelines require students to engage in service with some underserved population and to participate in a project that has a distinctly different character and social climate from the Cathedral Close.

3. Students may start by reviewing the list of approved agencies to get a sense of possible projects.

4. When a student has decided on his service project, he should telephone the agency contact person for an interview appointment. If the agency and the student agree to work together, the Contract of Service Form should be completed and signed by the student, agency supervisor, and a parent prior to the project start date. The completed Contract of Service form must be returned to social service director for final approval before the project begins.

5. The list of approved agencies is intended to be a resource for D.C. Metro service organizations, but there are others as well. Therefore, if a student wishes to propose an alternative service project, he should fill out a Request for Alternative Project Form and submit it to the social service director for approval. The social service director will normally request an interview with the student only if it has further questions or reservations in regard to the project. Following approval, the service project may begin.

6. After completing a service project, a Supervisor’s Evaluation Form must be filled out by the student and his agency’s supervisor. The completed evaluation should be returned to STA in a timely fashion so that hours can be credited.

7. A vital part of engaging in service is the opportunity to reflect on the experience. Looking back on the experience reinforces an awareness of self and others. It allows students time to share personal growth and explore larger social issues which they confronted. Upon completion of the 60-hour service requirement, a small reflection group made up of students and a faculty member will convene to share service experiences. Participation in a reflection group will complete the social service requirement for graduation.

8. All of the necessary forms (Contract of Service, Supervisor’s Evaluation, and Request for Alternative Project) are available from the social service director or can be downloaded from the left sidebar.

9. While students are encouraged to engage in service endeavors each year, there is no requirement to complete specified amounts by the end of any one school year.

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